Rachelle Derouin
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Kristin + Justin // Triple S Ranch Wedding, Northern California

When I got there she was feeling overwhelmed and needed some time alone. We had just met, but she wanted me to stay, saying my presence was calming. Our conversation was quickly personal and I found myself talking about my divorce, being single with a daughter, real life. We connected over the sharing of experiences, and it took a few minutes before it occurred to me that maybe those weren’t things I should talk about on her wedding day. She reassured me that it didn’t matter. I think what does matter is that those real connections, and being in a place of openness with each other, is at the root of my work. It’s how I understand people and process what’s in front of me. It shapes the way I see and feel, and ultimately the images I make. This rainy day in the mountains was full of so much beauty and love. Truly an honor to document.

Triple S Ranch // Northern California